Colleges and Universities starting with Y

This is a list of all colleges and universities on this site starting with the letter Y. If you're looking for a specific college you will probably have more luck using the search box on the home page instead of randomly browsing.

Yakima Beauty School

Yakima Valley Community College

Yale University

Yale-New Haven Hospital Dietetic Internship

Yavapai College

Yeshiva and Kollel Harbotzas Torah

Yeshiva College of the Nations Capital

Yeshiva D'monsey Rabbinical College

Yeshiva Derech Chaim

Yeshiva Gedolah Imrei Yosef D'spinka

Yeshiva Gedolah Kesser Torah

Yeshiva Gedolah of Greater Detroit

Yeshiva Gedolah Zichron Leyma

Yeshiva Karlin Stolin

Yeshiva of Far Rockaway Derech Ayson Rabbinical Seminary

Yeshiva of Machzikai Hadas

Yeshiva of Nitra Rabbinical College

Yeshiva of the Telshe Alumni

Yeshiva Ohr Elchonon Chabad West Coast Talmudical Seminary

Yeshiva Shaar Hatorah

Yeshiva Shaarei Torah of Rockland

Yeshiva Toras Chaim

Yeshiva Toras Chaim Talmudical Seminary

Yeshiva University

Yeshiva Yesodei Hatorah

Yeshivah Gedolah Rabbinical College

Yeshivas Be'er Yitzchok

Yeshivas Novominsk

Yeshivat Mikdash Melech

Yeshivath Beth Moshe

Yeshivath Viznitz

Yeshivath Zichron Moshe

Yo San University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

York College

York College Pennsylvania

York County Community College

York County School of Technology-Adult & Continuing Education

York Technical College

Yorktowne Business Institute

Yosemite Community College District Office

Young Harris College

Youngstown State University

YTI Career Institute-Altoona

YTI Career Institute-Capital Region

YTI Career Institute-York

Yuba College

Yukon Beauty College Inc